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Jacob helped with a very successful opening of our business

I really appreciated how Jacob looked at the entire marketing picture and provided insight and guidance to support our ads strategy. He went above and beyond to research and understand our market and our unique positioning in the market. Everything about the strategy Jacob helped us set up was designed to capture AND convert as many leads as possible. He was never just worried about the number of leads but how many of them were converting, what they liked, thinking, etc. Having Jacob run our ads really gave us momentum and helped with a very successful opening of our business!

Suzanne Dayton

Extraordinary job helping us identify our audience

Jacob Share's work is extraordinary, his professionalism is extraordinary and also his demeanor... We hired Jacob to do some promotional work for us on Facebook. He did such an extraordinary job, helping us to articulate and identify our audience, and hone in on who our market is (and who it is not), and get closer to communicating in the most effective way possible with our customer base... he does so in such a gentle way, a pleasant way, such a caring way, he really reads between the lines, even hears between the lines, and genuinely cares.

Binyamin Klempner

My website turns up high in search results and brings in business year after year

I've been working with Jacob as my website and digital marketing consultant for several years. He's very knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. Unlike many technical professionals I've known, he's good at explaining technical concepts to a stubbornly non-technical client. Jacob's work is a large part of the reason my website turns up high in search results and brings in business year after year.

Thea Kelley